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Coffin or Cybertruck: The Embarrassing Beginning of Tesla's Demise

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How 80 Years Old Joe Biden 'Broke OPEC' Despite Saudi Arabia's Rejection to Pump More Oil

How 80 Years Old Joe Biden 'Broke OPEC' Despite Saudi Arabia's Rejection to Pump More Oil. By Tony Bruce | Sunday , June 09, 2024 | 5 min read   Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and President Biden meet in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in July.   SAUDI ROYAL COURT/REUTERS For six decades, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) held sway over global oil prices, significantly influencing American politics and the global economy. Recently, President Joe Biden has made notable strides in diminishing OPEC's control over the oil market. Despite a notable diplomatic setback when Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman rejected Biden's call to pump more oil, Biden's strategic policies have still managed to curtail OPEC's dominance and reshape the rules of oil trading. OPEC's Historical Influence OPEC has long played a crucial role in controlling the global supply and price of oil. By coordinating production levels among member countries, OPEC

Trump Frothing at the Mouth: A Sign of a Serious Medical Condition Requiring Emergency Care

Trump Frothing at the Mouth: A Sign of a Serious Medical Condition Requiring Emergency Care. By Tony Bruce | Friday , June 07, 2024 | 3 min read   In recent events, there have been alarming reports and images suggesting that former President Donald Trump has exhibited symptoms that could be indicative of a serious medical condition. Specifically, if Trump were observed frothing at the mouth, it would necessitate immediate medical evaluation and intervention. The video in question has raised significant concerns among political observers and Trump supporters alike. In the footage, Trump appears noticeably fatigued, prompting questions about his physical and mental health. The speculation has been fueled by his history of public appearances where he has displayed signs of physical strain. Critics and supporters are divided in their interpretation of the video. Some see it as a worrying sign of declining health, while others dismiss it as a momentary lapse. Despite the controversy, Trump&

Chaos In House Speaker Johnson’s Office As Staffers Resign

Chaos In House Speaker Johnson’s Office As Staffers Resign. By Tony Bruce | Wednesday , June 05, 2024 | 5 min read   The upheaval in House Speaker Mike Johnson's office, marked by the resignation of key staff members, is occurring at a particularly challenging time for the GOP. With the 2024 elections approaching and ongoing tensions within the Republican Party, Johnson's leadership is being tested. The resignations of Communications Director Raj Shah and top policy advisors Brittan Specht, Jason Yaworske, and Preston Hill significantly impact Johnson's ability to manage legislative priorities. These aides brought considerable expertise in areas like appropriations, budget matters, and digital strategy, all critical for navigating the complex legislative landscape​​. Additionally, internal conflicts and dissatisfaction within Johnson's team have been highlighted by reports of performance-related issues and unprofessional behavior, contributing to the staff exodus. These

Now Felon, Trump Left Long Trail of Convicted Aides and Criminal Enterprises

Now Felon, Trump Left Long Trail of Convicted Aides and Criminal Enterprises. By Tony Bruce | Wednesday , June 05, 2024 | 5 min read   Former President Donald Trump's recent felony conviction highlights a broader pattern of legal and ethical violations within his inner circle and business enterprises. Over the years, numerous aides and associates of Trump have faced criminal convictions, reflecting systemic issues within his operations. This report explores the connection between Trump’s personal conviction and the longstanding legal challenges faced by his organizations, examining the broader implications for his legacy and the culture of misconduct that has surrounded him.  Donald Trump’s Felony Conviction: Donald Trump's recent felony conviction marks a significant escalation in his legal troubles. This conviction not only highlights his personal legal challenges but also ties into the broader pattern of criminal behavior within his business empire. As Trump confronts this n

Trump's 2020 Playbook: "Just say the Conviction on 34 felony charges is Biden's fault"

"Just say the Conviction on 34 felony charges is Biden's fault." Conviction Will Help Trump Win the Election. By Tony Bruce | Monday , June 03, 2024 | 5 min read   'IT'S A MAJESTIC DAY:' MSNBC GUEST GUSHES OVER TRUMP GUILTY VERDICT In a strategy reminiscent of former President Donald Trump's approach during the 2020 election, certain factions within the Republican Party are employing a straightforward yet potent narrative: blame President Joe Biden for the conviction on 34 felony charges, and leverage this narrative to bolster Trump’s 2024 election campaign. This approach, attributed to Republican figures like Mike Johnson, aims to create a unifying and persuasive message to galvanize support among the party’s base. Trump's 2020 Playbook: "Just Say the Election is Rigged" During the 2020 election cycle, Trump's strategy revolved around the assertion that the election was rigged. By continuously promoting this claim, Trump aimed to sow dou

How Will Donald Trump's Guilty Verdict Hit His Reelection Bid? Is His Political Fallout Here?

NEW YORK – Former President Donald Trump's 2024 White House campaign now ventures into uncharted territory, facing the unprecedented challenge of garnering voter support as a major party nominee convicted of crimes. Convicted by a New York jury on 34 felony counts related to falsifying business records to influence the 2016 presidential election, Trump must now persuade Americans that he still deserves a second term. By Tony Bruce | Friday , May 31, 2024 | 5 min read   Trump Guilty on all 34 Felony Counts (MSNBC) Conviction and Campaign Strategy The conviction's impact on Trump's campaign is multifaceted. On one hand, it presents a significant obstacle to his reelection efforts. On the other, Trump's response is consistent with his well-established strategy: attacking the legal system. "This was a rigged decision, right from day one," Trump declared to reporters at the courthouse on Thursday, shortly after the guilty verdict was delivered. This rhetoric echoes